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"Really, a first class PT program. A well equipped office with a patient and skilled staff. Time well spent"
Aug 08, 2021
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"wow it just hit me! Almost two years from my last PT session have passed, and my shoulders have been functioning like when I was born. I'm going to share my story in case anyone is going through something similar. I suffered from bilateral shoulder tendonitis (MRI showed partial tears), and my shoulders' joints were literally on fire, affecting my day to day life, work, sleep etc. I visited an ortho doctor and suggested start doing PT. Unfortunately, after six months of PT in another facility, my symptoms have gotten worse. More fuel was added to the fire to the point that my doctor suggested getting surgery given 6 months of PT was a total failure. Hopeless of PT and skeptical of getting surgery, I was lucky and grateful to find this gem of a place. I had the pleasure of working with John. John is a very nice, professional, experienced, and knowledgeable person. After examining and assessing the severity of my injury and range of motion, he strongly recommended doing another PT round for 4 to 6 months before considering surgery. John came up with a comprehensive plan to calm my shoulders down and relieve the pain for the first 3 months. After 3 months, my shoulder pain has significantly improved. I felt that I might not need to do surgery anymore, and PT does the magic. I continued PT with John for another 3 months focusing more on strengthening and improving my range of motion to the point that I got 90% of my shoulder functionality back. Ever since my shoulder has gotten better over time, and today I can say I have no more issues and have been back to all activities including sports. The moral of the story is that physical therapy does matter and does the magic in many cases (I was completely hopeless in the beginning). BUT more importantly, it really matters who your physical therapist is. I would suggest finding someone with experience and knowledge in the subject matter. For that, I highly recommend John and the team at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates. Thank you for fixing my shoulders and saving me from 2 shoulder surgery."
Jun 15, 2021
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"I could not be happier going to Comprehensive. David, John, and Chris are so professional, talented and caring. I started there several years ago for a problem back and neck. Then I had a foot operation and David helped me recover from that too! Now I am facing hip replacement and when I mentioned my therapists to my doctors they have nothing but good things to say. I say go and feel a hell of a lot better!"
Jun 23, 2020
"I highly recommend Comprehensive Physical Therapy. I enlisted John to provide post-op therapy for a reconstructed elbow and I was extremely happy with his level of care, knowledge and experience. I have had physical therapy with a number of therapists over the years for a several different conditions and John stands out as the best. He is extremely hands on when necessary and demonstrates an intimate knowledge of his field. He also customizes his care for the circumstances of the individual. The office is extremely helpful and flexible with appointments, and very professional concerning insurance matters (and plays great music too)! I experienced an extremely successful recovery and I think that John’s care was a critical element leading to this outcome. Definitely a five-star operation! "
Apr 28, 2020
"I made an appointment with this facility the day after I slipped a disc in my lower back. The recommendation came from my Orthopedic doctor, who had a list of physical therapists to choose from. I don't regret my decision at all. Everyone from the front desk staff to each of the therapists are professional and friendly. David has and is helping me get back on track with my flexibility, pushing the disc back in essentially. I have seen and felt a drastic difference in the lower lumbar area, since working with David. I highly recommend this office, if you need caring, understanding and effective physical therapists."
Feb 29, 2020
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"I highly recommend Comprehensive Physical Therapy. Dave and his team were extremely helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. This was my first injury of this kind, therefore I was worried and did not know what to expect. Every visit I felt well taken care of and received undivided attention. My experience with Dave was great and I would highly recommend going to him or John for PT needs. Not only did they go above and beyond to get me better, but they also worked with me to avoid conflict with my work schedule. This team is truly incredible and I know if I ever run into any problems again they will be there to help!"
Jan 15, 2020
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"I had an excellent experience with Comprehensive Physical Therapy. John is a great therapist, very attentive to patient progress and really helped with my shoulder. I highly recommend John, very friendly, kind and professional. The staff is very courteous. Armelle Flood"
Jan 12, 2020
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"I feel very lucky that after my neck was injured I received great care at Comprehensive Physical Tnerapy Associates. I thought I would be suffering for years, but after a few months I'm 99% back to my old self. The staff was always helpful, friendly, encouraging, and most importantly highly skilled and knowledgeable. Many thanks to David."
Dec 05, 2019
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"I had a great experience at Comprehensive Physical Therapy. Dave and the team are awesome and make the whole experience really enjoyable. Highly recommend."
Nov 17, 2019
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"I highly recommend Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates. 1. Good for all ages, young adults, senior, etc 2. They have various equipments to exercise any part of your body, in an incremental, safe way: Ankle, shoulder, leg, wrist, back, neck, etc. 3. I am using Atena - PPO, it covers 100%. I came here several months, I didn't pay even a penny! Definitely a good choice!"
Nov 08, 2019
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"I had a great experience at Physical Therapy Associates after coming to them with a femoral shaft stress fracture. John worked with me to strengthen the muscle around the injury and I am finally able to go back to the gym now. John and everyone at Comprehensive are incredibly kind and professional. While I hope I never have a reason to go back, I would definitely use Comprehensive again and would recommend to anyone!"
Oct 07, 2019
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" I had severe Achilles problems and pain for 4 months after a fall in a parking lot. My personal attempts with exercises yielded little help. On a recommendation from my Doctor I began PT at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates. This place has a nice, comfortable atmosphere and the staff are friendly and a pleasure to meet. Dave, John, Mary are awesome, their knowledge and experience, compassion and encouragement deserve the lion’s share of the credit in helping me me in my recovery. At CPTA, I was given simple but helpful exercises for home, and treatment in the office with Dave who I was to discover had magic in his hands! Each time I left a session the pain and discomfort lessened. My mobility got better and for the first time there was notable progress! After just weeks of PT with Dave I’m pain free and can walk again without limping. Thank you, again, all, especially Dave. I would definitely highly recommend Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates to friends and family should the need occur. I highly recommend them to all who are facing the challenge of coping with an Achilles problem. Mary A. "
Aug 30, 2019
"I had an excellent experience with Comprehensive Physical Therapy. I started seeing John after a lapidus procedure and I've been very pleased with my progress (as has my surgeon). John's an outstanding therapist and the treatment has been incredibly effective. The staff is professional and courteous, and there are never too many clients in the studio at a time (great music too). I'd recommend them without hesitation. "
Aug 13, 2019
"Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates helped me walk normally after fracturing my ankle. CPTA is staffed with highly professional and experienced practitioners who are methodical in their approach to physical therapy. The practitioners truly listen to their patients’ wants/needs and apply a myriad of techniques to address the problem area(s). This aptitude allows them to develop an individualized treatment plan that successfully works for you. David Ziska was instrumental in my recovery. I would recommend David or any of the practitioners at CPTA and look forward to staying in touch with the staff in the future."
Jul 24, 2019
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"Outstanding medical professionals giving outstanding medical care. I've had a few different upper and lower spine problems over the years, and gone back to them each time, with great results. They suit the treatment plan to the problem, and they modify it as they see what is helping and what is not. They are very attentive to patient progress, they keep thorough files they can refer to when a patient develops a new problem years later. I have recommended them to several friends, all of whom have been very happy to be treated by them."
Jul 11, 2019
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"My experience at Comprehensive Physical Therapy was a huge success. John, who had previously treated my husband and a number of friends, came highly recommended. I didn't hesitate to call him when I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. The second I walked in, I felt at ease and happy with my decision. The office staff is very friendly and welcoming and the therapists are all extremely attentive, knowledgeable and affable. I explained my symptoms to John who immediately started a treatment plan tailored to my symptoms. After my first visit I started to feel better and more so with every visit thereafter. John taught me to move differently and gave me the confidence to go back to the gym. In addition to his great care, John offers warmth, kindness and good music."
Jun 24, 2019
"I had a great experience with Comprehensive Physical Therapy and highly recommend them! John was on point with my diagnosis and treatment plan, and I was glad to be feeling better within a few weeks, and much better within a month. John also did a great job of putting me at ease - which helped to reduce my stress levels resulting from the injury."
May 04, 2019
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"Comprehensive Physical Associates is a boutique PT practice. It caters to a small number of patients at any given time, personally treated in private areas by one of the resident PTs, instead of an assistant (a common situation in some of the larger practices--my previous experience). David Ziska helped me recover from a compressed sciatic nerve and a dropped foot, a consequence of nerve damage. He approached my situation in a systematic, deliberate, persistent manner. His approach helped me recover fully. I am grateful to him and would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who needs PT care. "
Apr 07, 2019
"I fractured my humerus, right shoulder, a first ever for me. I was referred to Comprehensive Physical Therapy by family and neighbors. I had looming an 8 city fundraising tour and was anxious to be ready. I started with David 4 weeks to the day as authorized by the surgeon, and was ready for my trip with caution to complete the remaining sessions on my return. David was thorough, gave me homework and the group accommodated my work schedule with early morning and late afternoon sessions. Highly recommend the group - a professional and personable team led by David and John."
Mar 25, 2019
"Comprehensive Physical Therapy is an amazing organization that really values their clients and it is evident as soon as you walk in. The administrative staff is always very friendly and organized. The therapists are all extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I worked with John but would recommend Dave or Chris as well. I had ACL reconstruction surgery and used CPT before and after my surgery. Not only do they have lots of experience on the medical side, but the personal time and care they provide really goes a long way in elevating your mood and emotions which helps tremendously after a major surgery. They limit how many clients they see at a given time so the office is never too crowded and everyone there is always in a very positive and joyful mood! Highly highly recommended for anyone needing physical therapy services in NYC!!"
Feb 26, 2019
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"My treatment at CPT was both successful and a pleasure. I came here after a year of shoulder pain (tendinosis) and steadily improved during my sessions at CPT. John and his colleagues are very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. During each visit, the same PT treated me the entire session. The office is clean and centrally located in midtown. When seeking a physical therapist, I recommend finding someone with a lot of experience. I also recommend a practice where you will work with the same therapist during your entire visit (instead of being handed off to lower paid, less experienced assistants). And avoid basing your decision on things like a practice’s number of offices, fun high energy atmosphere, etc. I don't normally write reviews but the folks at Comprehensive Therapy earned the recognition. Good luck."
Feb 21, 2019
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"Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates is a true gem. Christine, David, and John are all invested in their patients. I'm a physician and have done PT at other facilities around NYC; Chris never farmed me out to PT assistants, as often happens in the big box facilities. Her plans were very tailored to my individual needs after a pretty bizarre accident and equally bizarre surgery at HSS. They know HSS surgeons well and work with them regularly. The front staff are also amazing--always helpful if I needed to reschedule, and willing to call my insurance carrier to have more visits approved. Overall a great, great group, and I've already referred patients and one of my colleagues there!"
Jan 03, 2019
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"I've had physical therapy quite a few times in my life and I must say this was by far the best facility. It's a professional & friendly environment. Dave did an amazing job getting me back on my feet so to speak after breaking my ankle. My ankle feels so much stronger after being in his care. He gave me a series of simple exercises to continue at home when my six weeks of PT were finished. I highly recommend CPTA! "
Dec 06, 2018
"At first I was skeptical of David's cautious approach to healing my back from recent spinal surgery. In time I realized that slow and steady wins the race, and after 6 weeks of PT with David, I am feeling no pain. I still keep to the exercises I was taught by David and hopefully will never have to return to CPTA. Thanks David!"
Nov 30, 2018
"Comprehensive Physical Therapy does a great job. Dr. Ziska took the time to listen to me and work through my injuries. He was always patient and incredibly knowledgable. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone with hip injuries."
Nov 29, 2018
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"Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates is a wonderful place to do physical therapy. This is my third time going doing PT (all for different problems) and this is by far the most enjoyable and helpful experience. My therapist, Christine spent the entire session with me unlike other places I have been where I only saw the therapist for maybe 15 minutes. The atmosphere is calm and positive and all of the therapists are caring and friendly. They are also very professional and really understand the physiology behind ones injury. I am very grateful for their help and feel so lucky I found them."
Sep 26, 2018
"A most professional and friendly place to recover from an injury. I saw Christine for 2-3 months of therapy following a labral tear of the hip. She projects loads of positive energy in a calm and attentive way. I went in fearing surgery was around the corner. After weekly sessions and home exercises Christine taught me, I was able to regain my strength and with it my confidence to do virtually everything I used to do - swim, yoga, gym, speed walking - with just some modifications. My pain is gone and when some of it comes back I know how to deal with it. I recommend this well-run studio to anyone in need of physical rehab of any kind."
Sep 26, 2018
"Christine and the team here are top notch and give great individualized care. They've helped me a lot!"
Sep 12, 2018
From Google
"I feel so lucky to have encountered COmprehensive Physial Therapy Asscoiates. They helped me tremendously and the entire team is wonderful. X"
Aug 27, 2018
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"They took great care of me through rehabilitation from knee pain. The strength and flexibility exercise program they put me on had me better in a matter of weeks. The therapy sessions were careful and not painful, and the therapists were friendly and easy to work with."
May 09, 2018
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"John helped me recover from Achilles tendinitis. Great guy, always very attentive, and thoroughly answered all of my questions throughout my treatment process. Will definitely be going back in the future if need be."
Mar 20, 2018
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"They fix you up and teach you how to prevent injury in the future by correct alignment and posture in your daily life. They are caring and accommodating to individual needs. "
Mar 02, 2018
"CPTA helped me to recover from a knee injurie. Thanks a lot!"
Jan 28, 2018
From Google
"As a patient I have one word for Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates: Excellent. The therapists are highly knowledgeable and caring. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly, and the practice is well organized. Each patient has personalized attention from the therapist who take your case and follows you closely throughout your therapy. Dave Ziska, my therapist, gave me exercises that were appropriate and effective for my condition and adjusted my program as I progressed throughout the sessions. This is a wonderful practice."
Dec 29, 2017
"As a patient I have one word for Comprehensive PhysicalTherapy Associates: Excellent. The therapists are highly knowledgeable and caring. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly, and the practice is well organized. Each patient has personalized attention from the therapist who takes your case and follows you closely throughout your therapy. Dave Ziska, my therapist, gave me exercises that were appropriate and effective for my condition and adjusted my program as I progressed throughout the sessions. This is a wonderful practice. Nicole"
Dec 29, 2017
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"I highly recommend Comprehensive Physical Therapy. John is an excellent therapist and I had a great result. I was impressed by all aspects of the treatment plan. My observation results from the fact that I started at a different physical therapy practice and came to comprehensive physical therapy seeking a better therapist and treatment program. I was not disappointed after I made the switch."
Dec 20, 2017
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"I’ve been a patient at Comprehensive Physical Therapy for numerous ailments over a 20 year period. They do a tremendous job with treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. The course of treatment is tailored to the individual. The entire staff is professional and working with them is a pleasure. I would never go anywhere else."
Dec 18, 2017
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"I highly suggest using Comprehensive Physical Therapy. Dave and/ Or John really know what they are doing and care. I have had a bad back and neck from a taxi accident and now I walk 2 or 3 hours a day with no problem. The place is cozy and not overwhelming. Go!"
Dec 08, 2017
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"If you are in need of physical therapy, this place is great! I went for treatment of some shoulder pain (partially torn rotator cuff). The therapist was very thorough in her approach, took her time understanding my condition, and most importantly reduced my pain tremendously. She also taught me tons of exercises I can do at home to loosen and strengthen my shoulder. The atmosphere is very friendly - love the music they play there - and the staff was very helpful with insurance matters and accommodating my schedule for appointments. If I could give it more than five stars I would!"
Dec 06, 2017
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"Great guys!"
Nov 27, 2017
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"If you are looking for a great physical therapy place, look no further. This place accepts most insurances. Everyone is super nice and professional."
Sep 13, 2017
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"I've been a vestibular therapy patient of John Ferrari for several weeks and am impressed with the level of care I've received so far. My symptoms have improved significantly from my first appointment. If the need should ever arise (which I really hope it doesn't), I would return to John for future care. The office is very conveniently located, is spacious and the staff is very friendly. Never had an issue scheduling and when I was a bit late, John and the rest of the staff were very understanding. "
Feb 23, 2016
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"For over two years I have had a lower left leg injury, which became painful after a run and the knee occasionally locking up. Having had physio therapy without success prior to coming to New York City I almost resigned to the fact I may not be able to run again without pain and the injury flaring up. During my first visit to Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates I mentioned to David Ziska that I have two goals. Firstly I would like to be able to run again, free from pain, and secondly to run and complete the New York City marathon. After several months of twice weekly physio sessions I no longer feel the knee locking up or any pain after a run. This is in no small part due to David’s professional approach, encouragement, counsel and perseverance and sense of humour. David has a relaxed but firm approach. I really appreciated his enthusiasm, honesty and positive attitude. These are qualities also demonstrated by the other therapists. The front desk staff members are always pleasant, friendly, competent, and helpful and always made me feel welcomed. Through strengthening exercises to my hip abductor, quad and core and flexibility and stretching exercises, I am pleased to say that I can now run freely (and enjoying the experience again) without pain. Now I have achieved my first goal and the second goal could be a reality if I get accepted for the 2016 New York City marathon. Thank you for your friendship"
Dec 03, 2015
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Yelp! Reviews

I tore my ACL in March 2017 and had a hamstring graft at HSS a month later. Worked with Dave for the last 6 months to rehab my knee. As a very active person, Dave was great in ensuring an aggressive program for me but also making sure I didn’t push myself beyond my limits.

Could not be happier – excellent service, great people, flexible with scheduling and super responsive (all around including reception and accounting). Unlike some of the larger physical therapists in New York, they have such incredible attention to detail and really develop a great personal relationship with you.

Phillip K.

John and Dave are the best. Was referred by my wife who they helped with a painful hamstring tear and have now been here twice myself for two different injuries, a hamstring and an ankle. The whole staff are welcoming, genuine, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Marc A.

I was a patient at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates for 6 months while recovering from an ACL injury and surgery. While PT can be daunting and overwhelming for any injury, CPTA did everything to make me feel encouraged and positive every single time I visited. Not only are John and Dave nice, fun and interesting guys, they are also great at providing personal attention and showing progress throughout the entire process.

There are a ton of PT places in NYC, but I don’t think you will find much better than CPTA. I feel so lucky that I chose them to help me with my recovery. Thank you!

Alex J.

I have been coming here for about a month for my hip injury. The best PT I have been in the city. Highly recommend!

Jade W.

I was referred to CPTA by a friend from work after I tore my ACL and had reconstructive surgery almost 3 months ago. I’ve never had a surgery before and the thought of recovery was quite scary. I am so grateful for CPTA. John and Dave have made recovery such a positive and fun task that I truly look forward to therapy each and every time. From tracking my progress to stretching and exercises, I feel great and continue to feel better each day. They are both beyond knowledgeable and care about their patients. There are a ton of places in the city, no other place would give the one on one attention that I’ve received here. Thank you, CPTA for making this process enjoyable and for helping me through such a difficult time!

Alexandra L.

I was referred to John Ferrari after a minor accident and saw him for a couple of months. He has a great disposition and most importantly got me back to health!

Saraporn V.

Patient Recommendations

“My therapist was David Ziska. He was very personable and attentive to my specific needs. He progressed my therapy at a rate where I was able to recover quickly, but did not experience any undue stress or pain. At every visit he knew where we had left off and what areas I needed to focus on. My steady improvement benefited me not only physically, but lifted my spirits after the injury and surgery.”

– Andrew

“After my knee replacement surgery I needed extensive physical therapy. My therapist made it an extremely positive experience. She pushed me just enough to do more each time, never pushing be past what I could possibly do. She was extremely patient and attentive. I was very impressed with both her and how this business was run. I have been to physical therapy before, after the first time they left me on my own and it was just the machines. Here there was massage and the therapist stayed with me most of the time giving encouragement and correcting when I was doing something wrong.

“I have been a patient at CPTA for over a decade for a variety of running-related injuries and can recommend them highly. The care, treatment and training advice I have received at CPTA has directly contributed to my continued success in running marathons.”

MD Recommendations

“I have worked with Chris on any number of occasions – with some particularly demanding patients. She has provided superb quality service and therapy. Recommend her highly without reservation.”

“I find CPTA to be highly professional and extremely ethical. It has been a pleasure being associated with them. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

“I refer a great deal of my patients to John Ferrari and Comprehensive Physical Therapy for pre- and post-operative after orthopaedic injuries. This is an outstanding facility that gives personalized care to each and everyone of their clients. I highly recommend them and will continue to support them in the future.”